Sunrise representing light

Whether you are building your dream house or renovating an existing home or space, you deserve to love and enjoy the results.  A proper lighting design can transform a space to create the perfect ambiance without losing functionality.  Whether you are entertaining, enjoying your favourite hobby, or just relaxing, the lights you use will make all the difference.

Today's technology gives you choices you could only have dreamed of just a few years ago, but it has also complicated things.  LED bulbs and fixtures have taken over the market, but they are not  all made equal so you need to know what your requirements are before purchasing.


The first question to ask yourself is "What do you want your lighting to do?". What type of lighting do you need to make that happen? Should you use fixtures with LED bulbs or  LED dedicated light fixtures? Do you know what colour temperature you need for each area of your home? Do you know how many footcandles are required  for the different tasks you will be doing?. What style of fixtures should you use and how many do you need? What type of dimmer is required for those fixtures? 

It is understandable that you don't have all the answers but it is important to have a  clear lighting plan in place before you start construction to eliminate costly changes down the road. A Certified Lighting Consultant is trained in lighting and will take the guesswork out of all the decisions that need to be made. A lighting design professional can  provide a customized lighting floor plan tailored especially for you and your family.

Take control of your light with a customized lighting plan.