The right time was 1994.

The right place was an electrical supply store.

The right person was a sales rep.

She showed me the impact choosing the correct bulb can make

and I fell in love with lighting.

It still is a love affair.

Over the years I moved from that retail store to my own, opening Atlantic Lighting Studio in Wolfville, Nova Scotia in 2002.  During that time I took as many courses as I could and became a Certified Lighting Consultant; there are only a handful of us in Canada. In 2018 I closed the store and now offer a consulting service.

It took me years to fully understand how much impact the lighting in a home or a business has.  It can make a space feel inviting or sterile, relaxing or chaotic, cozy or business like.  Every aspect is essential, from the look and colour of the fixture, the type and strength of light source, the size, dimension and layout of the room, to the placement of the lights.  Often a room has more than one function so the lighting has to be flexible and adjustable.

Every client is different and I work closely with each one to ensure that their needs are being met.

My clients are important to me and I value those relationships. To see the joy and amazement in someone who experiences the delight of well designed lighting plan is very satisfying indeed!


That's what makes it all worthwhile.

Chris MacQuarrie 

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Blueprints, house plans
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